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Travel Assistance & Finance Fund (T.A.F.F)

Anjuman-e-Hamidi is launching a scheme to facilitate mumineen to perform the ziyarat of Atabaat Aaliyah. Help & guidance will be provided including booking with Faiz-e-Husaini, air fares, group formation etc. and also financial assistance by way of Qardan Hasana.

A fund has been created whereby aspiring mumineen as well as others can deposit Qardan Hasana for the sole use of zuwwar-e-Husain to help them with this important visit and earn sawaab. The Qardan Hasana given by mumineen can be re-claimed at any time.

Those who are in need of financial assistance will have to join the fund with regular qardan hasana payments which will earn them the sawab of helping others with ziyarat. They can also apply for Qardan Hasana for themselves to help with their own journey.

The ethos of the scheme is to make it easy for mumineen to fulfil this important homage by removing psychological and financial obstacles.

Further details, forms & procedures will be made available in due course.