Matam Majlis & Madeh Competition

A matam majlis & madeh competition was held on Thursday 21 February, hosted by Manchester Zakereen & Zakeraat. Zakereen teams from Bradford & Birmingham also participated. Adjudicators were Head Muallemeen from Croydon (Shaikh Mustafa bhai Feeroz), Birminghm (Shaikh Murtaza bhai Jamali) & Bradford (Shaikh Murtaza bhai Jamali).

The programme started with Maghrib Isha imamat, matam majlis & madeh competiton. There were 3 rounds, and marks were awarded out of 250. Marks from all 3 judges were averaged to determine the overall winning team. Bradford beat Manchester by one point to take the top spot.

Parties were awarded prizes & all the zakereen were given gifts by Manchester Jamaat. The programme culminated with salawaat nu jaman. This was a first of its kind programme in Manchester and was most welcomed by mumineen.

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