Faiz Mawaid Burhaniya

Started in Manchester last year on the urs mubarak of Syedi Abdulqadir Hakimuddin RA. Over the past 13 months it has gone from strength to strength and nearly 80% of families take the barakat regularly. A large variety of jaman comprising vegetables, chicken & meat are cooked five days a week (Mon – Fri). A dedicated website has been launched for viewing the menu in advance and requesting desired quantity of jaman (www.manchesterjamaat.org). Mumineen collect jaman from the Noor masjid every evening.

The funding of the scheme is purely voluntary. Mumineen araz khidmat for barakat as they please. Some have arranged weekly donations, others monthly and still others make lumpsum donations as and when. Some offer one day or one week jaman costs to celebrate an occassion etc. There are no fixed compulsory donations, jaman is available to anyone who wishes to take this barakat.

Jamaat is continuing to encourage mumineen to take this barakaat and aims to make all the families to avail this barakaat on a regular basis.

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